Snooper's Charter: Protect Yourself from the Investigatory Powers Act

If you live in the United Kingdom (UK), you need to make sure that you have Private Internet Access. The Investigatory Powers Act, also called the Snooper’s Charter, is a new law in the UK that legalizes mass surveillance.

Starting at the end of 2016, the internet history of everyone in the UK except for the politicians that passed the bill, whether you live there or are simply visiting, is now going to be stored for a whole year. This private information will be available to government organizations at the drop of a hat - raising immense privacy concerns.

Privacy International, a UK-based digital rights group, described just how heinous the internet connection records mandated by the IP Act really are:

“They are comparable to a compilation of call records, postal records, library records, study and research records, social and leisure activity records and location records, and will additionally capture concerns about health, sexual and family issues…. The agencies would be able to acquire this intrusive, population-level data in bulk under bulk acquisition powers.”

Now, more than ever, it’s important to use a VPN service that is not based in the UK, as those UK-based VPNs are now obligated to store logs under the IP Act. Private Internet Access and its parent company Private Internet Access are American companies, not UK-based.

In the United States, there are not mandatory data retention laws such as the IP Act. Private Internet Access is the only verified, no log VPN service provider - and a must buy for anyone concerned about their privacy in the UK.

Snooper's Charter: Protect yourself from the Investigatory Powers Act

To protect yourself from the Investigatory Powers Act, AKA the Snooper’s Charter, follow these basic steps:

  • Use your browser’s Incognito Browsing coupled with the Private Internet Access VPN
  • Make sure WebRTC is disabled in your browser
  • Enable Internet Kill Switch on your VPN
  • Be disciplined. Don't forget to make sure you're connected to the Private Internet Access VPN.

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